Raising Honey Bees

Sweet as their product, honey beekeeping business also promise high economic value for farmers in the industry. Telling employers beekeeping, beekeeping one of the pioneers in the country, Bambang Sukartiko, in tabloid Agro Indonesia 2005, of two double decker box he can harvest the honey for six months earning as much as 30-40 kg. Meanwhile, if stacking the box, honey produced only 10-15 kg. If you have 100 boxes super productive means in one season he was able to produce 3 to 4 tons of honey.

Price varies depending on the type of honey. In Indonesia many species are bred Cerana Apis mellifera and Apis. With a market price of honey per bottle size 900 ml in Jakarta Rp40.000-50,000, how much revenue can be calculated. Not to mention if mixed pollen with royal jelly and efficacious for the drug, the price could rise until doubled.

The investment required to start a business that one can also start from a small scale. According to Bambang, a box containing four honeybee comb (nest) Rp400.000 valuable. One box contains one queen bee and 10,000 worker bees. And it would be categorized as productive if at least two-tiered box.

While the analysis of the public relations department released the Forestry Department, there are 2 (two) types of capital needed for investment in the honey bee working capital and investment capital.

Capital investment in fixed capital is required in beekeeping activities for a period of harvesting, including depreciation of production equipment. In the Apis mellifera beekeeping venture capital investing, consists of: (1). equipment colonies consisting of bee colonies, bee boxes (super), Frame nest (frame), the foundation of the hive, pollen trap, and standard / iron pole, (2). working equipment consisting of a lever, the blade honey extractor, barrel / plastic drum, carpentry tools, work clothing, and gloves.

In the calculation of depreciation of capital investment was not made because of the equipment in the form of boxes and bee hive frames can be used up to 3 years. Thus, in the fourth year of new procurement need to be implemented, while other equipment such as extractor and attendant equipment can be used up to 10 years.

Working capital is the cost of the variables used in beekeeping for any period of harvesting. Working capital consists of all operating costs used for one-year low as food stimulation, drugs, land rent and transport.

In the calculation of income for Apis mellifera calculated productivity of 24 kg of honey per colony per year, while for Apis Cerana productivity by 1 kg per colony per year. In the financial analysis, it seems that for the cultivation of Apis mellifera in the first year was a loss of Rp 23,000, – due to the cost of procurement of colony investment is high at Rp 25,000,000, -. Benefits can only be obtained in the 2 Rp. 21,482,500, – and there is the addition of the number of bee colonies to 175. In the third year earned a profit of Rp. 40,381,000, – and increase the number of colonies to 306 colonies. The gain is calculated on the basis of the results obtained with the honey selling price per kilogram is Rp 10,000, -, and pollen selling price of 50.000, – per kilogram and royal jelly for Rp.500, 000, -.

In the financial analysis bee Apis Cerana first year was a loss in the amount of Rp.1.700.000, -. The advantage is obtained in the second year of Rp. 5.05 million, – and there is increase in the number of colonies to 150 colonies maintained. In the third year earned a profit of Rp. 7.865 million, – and bee colonies increased to 225 colonies. Value added beekeeping activities will be increased if farmers can market their products in the form of packaging in bottles or sachets for example, not marketed as bulk honey.

Requirements to be successful in this business enough to gain knowledge and apply knowledge about the life of a bee colony. For example, the ideal temperature is suitable for bee is about 26 degrees C, at this temperature the bees can work normally. Temperatures above 10 degrees C bees still indulge . On the slopes of mountains / highlands normal temperature (25 degrees C). Bees preferred location is the open, away from the crowds and there are many flowers as feed.

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