Sep 25


We are sure you all are very familiar with all the television stations and trans trans tv 7. But if you already know the story of the owner of both the television station? When asked this, probably most of you are still many who do not know? Well, on this occasion, you will be given information about the success stories Chairul Tanjung, owner and Trans7 the trans tv. You curious? More you can see the following information

What happens if a prospective dentist actually penetrated the television business? If you want to know the answer, look at the figure Chairul, native indigenous businessman who is now flying with the group name and Trans7 Trans. Due to economic difficulties , it actually turns out to lunch instincts honed his business acumen.

Starting from the beginning student of Dentistry, University of Indonesia. Costs in 1981 when the college of USD 75 thousand, with tuition Rp 45 thousand per year. Apparently, to pay the tuition, the mother had to pawn a piece of soft cloth.

“I am really touched and shocked, since then I vowed not want to ask for the money back to the parents,” he said in mid-January 2009.

Thus, was born in Jakarta, June 18, 1962 it was then start a small business. He collaborated with the owner of a copier, and strategically put in place under the stairs campus. Starting from selling textbooks stencils, shirts, shoes, and various other items on campus and to his friends. From the capital, he managed to open a store medical equipment and laboratory in Senen Raya, Jakarta. Unfortunately, because of the nature of social – which often gives facilities to his lectures, and often buying friends – the business went bankrupt.

Apparently, he can actually growing with its business. He was then focused its efforts into three core businesses, namely: financial, property, and multimedia. Through the cold hand, he acquired a small bank that was almost bankrupt, Bank monument. Decisions of controversy when it was considered by the people nearby. However, the experience seems to rise from failure to teach a lot of things. He actually managed to lift the bank, – after changing its name to Bank Mega – a top bank with a turnover in the Rp1 trillion today.

In addition, the husband of Ratna Anitasari dentist also penetrated the securities business, life insurance and general insurance. Then, in the property business, he also has made a prestigious project in the city of Bandung, which is known as the Bandung Supermall. And, one of the most business catapulted him that the television business, Trans. In the television business, he is also known for successfully acquired TV7 television that was almost bankrupt, and has now managed to turn it into Trans7 were also quite successful.

Not surprisingly, with all of his accomplishments, he is appropriately referred to as “The Rising Star”. In fact, recently, he was named as the richest Indonesian, at No. 18, with total assets of 450 million U.S. dollars. A feat that may never envisioned when starting a small business, in order to get the cost of tuition, while still a student at the UI first.

That’s what probably makes Chairul always appear as it is, without being like flaunt his success. In addition, apparently he did not forget the past. Therefore, she was now keen to carry out various social activities. Starting from PMI, the Indonesian Humanitarian Committee, member of the Board of Trustees, University of Indonesia, and so on. “Now my time more than 50% I devote to social activities,” he said.

The Group now has a business empire that relies on three core businesses. First financial services such as Bank Mega, Mega General Insurance, Life Insurance Mega Life, Mega Capital Indonesia. Second, lifestyle and entertainment such as Trans TV, Trans7. Third-based natural resources.

Later, Chairul working with Jusuf Kalla forming the largest garden tour in Makassar.

Chairul is one of the world’s richest seven from Indonesia. He is also the only indigenous entrepreneurs entering the ranks of the world’s richest people. Six other Indonesian representatives are Michael Hartono, Budi Hartono, Martua Sitorus, Peter Sondakh, Tanoto and Low Tuck Kwong.

Thanks to his success Economy News Magazine awarded Male Bloody Minang / Padang as one of the most influential business leaders in 2005 and Named one of the world’s richest man in 2010 by Forbes magazine with a total wealth of $ 1 Billion.