Sep 25


Surely you also know in any goods / products we buy, definitely a bar code printed on each package. Even if there is no packaging product bar code, maybe it’s a bit among the many products. Due to the presence of a bar code on each package of a particular product is crucial. On this occasion, we will provide information to you about products that use bar codes in the world. More information please refer to the following

Barcode plural now used in almost all product packaging. Ranging from soap to canned milk packaging, from small items up to a size big.

Well, investigate a calibaration., Turns Bar Code was first commonly used by the Chewing Gum products. Of course America. Perhaps you’ve heard this brand. Wrigleys’ Gum is he.

Actually, before the Wrigleys’ Gum using Bar Code on their products. Bar Code is used to train, but failed commercially.

That is all the information about the products that use bar code first in the world. Hopefully this info has we present this time you can add insight. And do not forget to listen to other interesting information