Sep 27

If Kids Want Business

If your child wants business as a profession that was involved parents, how should our attitudes as parents deal with it. Do we want to follow any a priority or desire. I think, the case is no less experienced business people, including myself, when my son was still in junior high school also had a desire to be a businessman figuring.

In my opinion, it is natural to happen, because perhaps our children are familiar with the business atmosphere. Although, not a few young entrepreneurs who did not want to want to be an entrepreneur, because he knows his father is very busy. Meanwhile, to educate itself was not easy. The problem, is a factor of emotional closeness is very large, and it can sometimes be an obstacle of child development itself.

In the meantime, I saw not a school that prepares a person to be a businessman. So, if your child wants to be a businessman, it is necessary there are others who we believe to be a mentor or mentor.

Only, we are involved in the mentor of the family, still have to be well planned. And, to be successful, according to Patricia Schiff, columnist in “Entrepreneur Magazine”, we must consider the factors below.

The first factor, we have to know who the person who became his mentor. Have the skills and can provide guidance, it is a major requirement. And we, as parents, should have to first believe before we involve the mentor in guiding our children.

The second factor, what we need to know the mentor. This means that before a mentor from outside the family to determine the rules in giving guidance, should we need to explain to the mentor, what became the motion, and what are its responsibilities. For instance, he should be able to educate our children discipline.

The third factor is what not to do mentor. For example, he should not try to “sabotage” the mentoring process itself. The actual core of mentoring is to provide input for our children’s ability in business. So that the process will be, will make your child more mature in the business.

Hence, I suppose, a kind of mentoring program that we should plan for a limited period of time, 5 or 10 years. Because, at this moment, we as entrepreneurs will retire or rest. Meanwhile, our children when it was ready to be an entrepreneur.