Nov 01

Tip Let Goodies Business Can Go Public

Who says there spare time hobby to make money? Check out what Astriani Dini, who armed the creative imagination, is able to produce various handicrafts. Marketing, even through foreign countries.

Making trinkets or craft, originally performed Dini to simply spend leisure time. Than just trial and error, eventually even Dini continuity and challenged to make a field to earn a fortune. Then in 1998, with an initial capital of 100 thousand, unanimously determined Dini Design established business with a flag at Jl. Hero 113 Bogor. He made a variety of crafts, such as candles, invitations, pastry parcel boxes, picture frames, notepads, place paper towels, pencil cases and many more, with an 50-item total. Not unexpectedly, preferably homemade products all ages, from kindergarten children to housewives. Both the local and expatriate groups.
Moreover, if the feast, whether it is Chinese New Year, Christmas, and New Year’s, then hit search box cake Early buyers. Early product distinctiveness, with characteristically simple yet elegant, making products attached Dini and unforgettable. Until now, in addition to excellent product Dini is the invitation box cake, souvenirs and recycled paper.

The products were launched to the market with a variety of prices. Box, for example, sold from Rp2500 to Rp200 thousand. The invitation, from Rp2500 to Rp17 thousand. Ingredients (for those who want to make their own) from Rp1000 to Rp3000. Wedding souvenirs ranging from Rp 20 thousand to Rp1000.
With a variety of products that, in a month, Early pocketed at least 6 million turnover per month. After deducting for the purchase of raw materials and manpower, the Early Rp3 million net profit.
In fact, marketing is done Dini quite simple, still rely on word of mouth. Later consignment system developed to deposit a variety of products at craft stores, malls and schools in different areas of Bogor. However, the product is able to penetrate the market Dini abroad up to Canada, California, Heidelberg (Germany) and Singapore.

Crafts are made using raw materials, such as recycled paper, mats, sacks, seeds, dried flowers, shells, rope, grass and dried leaves, which obtained from the Early Bogor and Central Java. As a result, the craft made in Early looks are unique and very back to nature.
“From the beginning, I really want to make trinkets raw materials from recycled paper that has a mission environment. Let me according to my educational background, “explained the mother with one son who is a graduate landscape IPB.

There is a basic hobby, Early did not feel the need to take courses on a variety of craft, but learning self-taught from books and magazines, or look at the various exhibits. Based on that observation, Dini own dabbling with various natural ingredients.
To do various craft it, Dini helped one employee remained at the finishing and 16 employees off the payroll per job order. Employees still get paid Rp600 thousand per month. Employees being off between Rp30-40 thousand per day.
In order to go public more products to the public, Dini several times participated in various exhibitions held by the Department of Tourism and the Department of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives. Moreover, it also has participated in exhibitions Inacraft and Expo in Bandung in West Java.

Despite the efforts seem to glide smoothly, but Dini had bitter experiences a few years ago. The story, someone called and ordered souvenirs in bulk. The man then told me when I transfer the DP. When checked, there was no transfer of funds into and even Early in the account being depleted.
“I take that as a disaster. However, that does not mean I give up business. For me, the experience was the best teacher so next time be more careful, “he concluded.