Nov 01

Racing Pigeons Breeding turnover Settled

Davinci Birdfarm achieved a turnover of millions of dollars of aquaculture nurseries pigeons, doves piyikan and ready to race.

In hektaran terrain along the 1.5 km, hundreds of people racing pigeon lovers gather and mingle in a shootout game stunt racing pigeons. They huddled in a circle with eyes focused on the two-tailed pigeon racing. Racing pigeons are released at the start line, along after the whistle sounded ready to sign. Instantly the two pigeons began to pace the speed at full speed towards the finish line is 1.5 km, where the couple dove was waiting in front of the faithful.

In the hands of jockey, female pigeon being -Geber (flapping wings, red) while incessantly shouting and signaling that manly spirit dove immediately into the hands of jockey. Finally, one of the male dove came rushing into the hands of jockey and was declared the winner.

The illustration above shows how the excitement of racing pigeons race event. Just for additional information, although in many overseas pigeons, but specifically for racing pigeons only in Indonesia. Pigeon racing is a typical Indonesian culture, in which the character of pigeon racing has Keket to the female nature, formed by the culture of Indonesian culture that character pigeons in Indonesia and abroad are different. In Indonesia alone, pigeon racing pigeons subdivided into basic, altitude racing pigeons, pigeon trap and so on. For that, it’s racing pigeons must be preserved and cultivated like the Davinci Birdfarm lead by Dawn Wijayako in the Bojong Gede, Bogor.

“My hobby pigeons since I was small, about 36 years ago. At that time, in Malang racing pigeon hobby started infecting chickens hobby along with bangkok, even this has become the opiate of the rich bosses in the area that in fact nourish birds, especially pigeons racing. In 2003, I started to seriously cultivate pigeon racing pigeon racing by buying the legendary named Sangsang for Rp. 20 million, plus five female pigeons, doves males and Tumaritis Codet, bringing the total capital of about USD 60 million. “Said the owner of two farms where the pigeons in Bojong Gede and Lanud Atang Sanjaya, the rest join with Chairman Jim Kusdarmono Pengda administration.

Indeed, lovers of racing pigeons are not limited to the upper class or wealthy boss, but most walks of life have long loved the game of racing pigeons. According to data from the Sprint Racing Pigeon Enthusiasts Association of Indonesia (PPMBSI) – the central organization sprint racing pigeon lovers, the number of members or lovers of racing pigeons in Indonesia reached 250,000 people.

If you notice, the deployment hobby of racing pigeons can be found in almost all Java and Madura, rest in certain areas such as Bali, Lampung, Palembang, Medan, Makassar, Manado, Samarinda, Banjarmasin and Pontianak. Thus the velocity of the flow of buying and selling racing pigeons are very high. What an incredible business opportunity, both in terms of material or piyikan pigeon seed to feed and medicine as well as labor.

Told Dawn, if you want to pigeon racing culture, must first know the lineage or clan of descendants called before, such as a grandmother or great-grandfather of the pigeon. With a pedigree, can be seen flying and combat character, in which the genetic material that would affect the character of offspring won diperlombakan for both the local and national level. Genealogy is important given the national level of competition is very tight competition for the best pigeon race involves simultaneously arena fights prestige of the owner.

“From the number of pigeons that I have, then cultured with rotating mating, eggs produced dieramkan and lolohan hatched by doves (pigeons babu, red) each two eggs. Each breeding pair produced two eggs every 2 weeks, and incubated for 18 days. Then the hatch, at-loose to fly himself about 1 month, so the monthly earned 6 pairs piyikan the average selling price of Rp 3 million Perpasang. “He added that disclose the sale price of national level racing pigeon could reach hundreds of millions to billions of dollars.

Stand with flags Davinci assisted Bird Farm 5 employees, Dawn always upgrade nurseries material through observation, selection of deep and just take super quality seed material ever do well at the national and local level, while the material is the son of the champion females or a relative of the champions.

“I just chose the super quality breeders only, piyikan grown to be selected again, anywhere with the best quality standards, which will be trained to be a superior racing pigeons. Although a pair of pigeon breeders have a good breed and have good quality, not necessarily good anakannya results anyway, so not necessarily in accordance with the expectations of the farmers, but I’ve proven through the Road Star who became National Champion 1 Main Stem in 2007, even Road Star had offered by pe-hobby of Bali and Bekasi worth USD 100 million, but I do not want to be separated, they would be used first champ “he also works as a HR consultant this.

He added, raising racing pigeons is easy and definitely beneficial. Pigeons are easy affinity properties, facilitate reproductive cycle can be varied. Today. Dawn began to reap the harvest, dozens tailed pigeon racing piyikan sold was bought by the pe-another hobby that comes from Lampung, Palembang, Surabaya, Bandung, Bekasi, Jakarta, Batam, Malang and around Bogor.

Imagine, if the average month piyikan could sell as many as 20 head with a pair of 3 million price range, how much profit can be scooped?. And for the cost of treatment takes only racing pigeon feed corn, green beans and ‘voer’, and the total cost is usually spent R1-2 million per month plus salary, depending on the ’employer’. “Livestock pigeon racing has good prospects, though only sell piyikan. Besides promising benefits, it could also create jobs, “he said optimistically.