Sep 27

Starting a New Business

I believe that every year has been quite a lot of people who enter the business world. They generally do three ways. That is, buying an existing business, becoming a partner in a franchise, or have the new business.

If you want to start a new business, we would have to answer four questions. First, the product or service is that we will make, and it is for whom? Second, why should the business? Why the prospect should buy from us? What would we give if we find that the product does not yet exist? What about the competition? What benefit do we get from the competition? Third, do we have a source? Are we going to get the order? Is that an order coming soon? Fourth, who is our market? So where did the idea to start a new business come from?

The results of a survey in the U.S., which is repeated in the book The Origins of Entrepreneurship, is mentioned, that 43% of employers may be an idea of the experience gained when he worked in the same industry. They know the operations of a business and generally have a network of cooperation. As many as 15% of business ideas entrepreneurs can now see others try a business. As many as 11% of employers that idea when he saw a market opportunity that is not or has not been fulfilled, 7% of employers to the idea because it has been systematically researched business opportunities, and 3% of employers can be an idea for a hobby or particular interest in diversity. In Indonesia alone, how?

I think in this context, we do not have to agree with the results of the data. Data 43% of employers may be an idea of the experience gained while working in the same industry, it shows that he was a businessman who only dare to start a new business because it just simply look on the bright side only. I think that if we really want to start a new business, opportunities should we make market a foothold.