Sep 25

Go to the A Friend Business

If you are still really limited knowledge of internet business and you really want to start it before you actually ACTION (start a business) you should really come to the house of a friend of your business (offline) to talk at length. Action is what I mean for example start buying, paying, offering, something related to internet business. Chat directly with them, you will get a more complete picture. Of course, this first chat will not make you instantly get technically.

If you do not have friends on that business as close to your residence, you can just communication via HP for example. Better phone than email or sms, because you can talk more interactive and get answers faster course. Yes, of course you need to have a pulse. Do not ask your friend the phone to you, you dong the phone to him, hehe .. If you are a city, or a province, just come! hehe ..
If You Want to Learn First

Well, if you want to learn it first then you can also go to a friend’s home nearby. But my own experience, if it comes to a friend’s house a practitioner (not the teachers who teach special business) then it WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DETAIL. Come home, you will be confused what we should do. Maybe because he does not have the module step by stepnya, unrecorded conversation. It could also be he is busy even if you do not, or else you are busy and your friend’s leisure. Anyway it’s not going to learn quite a week two weeks, because the Internet business is very broad.


That’s why a lot of GURU on the internet that sell their knowledge in forms such as: Online School, ebooks, video, seminars and so on. To overcome the difficulty of studying on my friend.