Jul 17

These Times Are Really Hard

I was trying to tell my daughter who was looking to get her first job that she was supposed to dress in a business casual way to go to interviews so that she could find a job and set a good first impression. I was not very happy to see that she wanted to wear old, torn up jeans to her first interview. I told her that she had to change. She got the job at the shoe store where she had been wanting to work forever and I was really happy to see that a person doing secret shopping went to her store on her first day of work and reported back that my daughter had a ton of positive things to say to the woman and her choice of shoes. In addition, my daughter was reported to be very kind and caring. People always say that your first impression is your best one and I am glad that I taught her well. Before long, she was promoted to a key holder.

While she was going to college, she had to tell them not to give her so many hours as they were getting in the way of her studies. She preferred to close the store instead of open it so she took all morning classes. I give her a lot of credit for giving up a lot of the nights out with her friends that she did. She ended up paying for half of her tuition in lieu of having to take out student loans and she also decided to pay for her own books. I could not be more proud of my daughter and the life and work ethic that she is already showing. I know when she is ready to graduate that she will have a great job offer.