Sep 25


Human needs are extremely diverse. Broadly speaking, actually can be grouped into three, that is the needs of primary, secondary, tertiary. For business or primary basic needs, ie food, clothing and shelter. All three are the main support element in this life. When viewed from the eyes of the business, food is an easy target to clear land for a highly qualified, as you surely know, when hungry people would find food.

HOW TO START A BUSINESS Talking about FOOD, maybe if you are still very common in the world of competitive business, you certainly have a lot to learn and prepare yourself the best possible mental and your material thoroughly. Due to competition in the business world is so tight and growing. Well, if you are really determined to start a business area to pursue these foods, you can listen to these tips and how to get started. More please refer from SituSaja


1. Prepare your best mentally and solidified your heart that you will be successful in the business field of food / culinary. Because no self-confidence and mental determination, you will be easily swayed, and it is possible you could fail miserably.

2. You must specify a target or goal that you will attack. The point is that you should really think carefully, about the target market where you will go. For example, college students, office, school, or even labor. It is important, once again you must be absolutely clear in the affairs of the target or the target’s binis your food.

3. You must strive to learn and understand about the food, it means you have to improve your skills in cooking, because the more you know and the experts in the culinary field, then the door was wide open for your success. Perdalamlah expertise in matters of cooking, if you need to learn to cook with experience so that the quality of your expertise in matters of cuisine can really be maximized. Even though you later rely on your salary when chefs produce food for sale, but it would be better you are also an expert in cooking.

4. Once a target market that you seek is clear, and you also have qualified in matters of the ins and outs of food, then get yourself to maximize the quality of cuisine / food would you sell. The flavor should be qualified, the testing process is absolutely necessary in order to ascertain dishes / foods you want to make your primary commodities really tasteful, tasty and delicious, consumers will feel satisfied if you sell food actually tastes good.

5. You have to identify your competitors. There’s a saying, “do not know it was love”, now in the business world, the phrase can be interpreted as a way to strengthen your competitive position in the food business. So, the point is, the more you know the ins and outs of your competitors, then you will be more easily conquered them.

6. If you come across so many business competitors with similar food that you make a commitment, do not be embarrassed, do things that are unique and have a characteristic strong so your food looks different from your competitors foods, even foods that are sold exactly the same, but if the food you have a typical, assured consumers will respond positively and consumers will be automatically glanced food you sell.

7. Explain more fully the type of food that you will use as your main product and customize to your target market. For example, you are targeting college students, and you want to sell your toast as your main menu. Well, think about it in a mature concept and feasibility toast you your food in the eyes of the students.

8. Determine the initial price. Learn widely from your competitors, the price of its competitors such foods you can become a clear picture for you to menentukn price. Instead, when starting a business / sell, you make a special price (slightly skewed) than the price set by your competitors. This is done so that your target consumers flocked to buy the food you sell. Once your business has started many enthusiasts / buyers, raise the price may not be a difficult thing to do, bear in mind, you have to price increases offset the quality of food that must be maintained, so that your customers remain loyal to your customers.

9. Choose a strategic place. This is very important, because it means something if the food you sell is the food most delicious in the world though, if no one knows where the place to buy food that you sell. So, once again it is important to pay attention to the selection of a strategic place so that people will easily find a place to sell your business.

10. Promotion. Well, this is also an important factor in the business world. Promote your business as possible to the people, so that people become aware of your business. either by way of pasting pamphlets, or by other means that the point is to promote your business.

11. When a place has been fixed, settled, also has a strategic location, then you have to keep it clean. With the condition of hygiene is maintained, then the buyer will be comfortable and will possibly continue to be your regular customer.

12. Name of your business. Notice, everyone, certainly has a name given by their parents. So is your business, name / trade mark for your business so that people can easily remember your business. For example, your business, you give the name of “BREAD FUEL maknyuss”. Well, that’s what will be on the minds of your buyers, oh turns maknyuss toast is delicious, yes, and they will return again and again to buy food that you sell. So, once again important issue is the trade name. few tips, in giving a name, try a simple and easy to remember for people to easily remember the name of your business, but do not be careless when naming your business. Think carefully.

13. Hospitality. Apparently, people would be happier if the service is performed by warm-hearted, polite, and sincere. so get yourself when you serve your buyers, try to be friendly to them. Little things that might be able to bring big profits for your business.

14. Fast service. Imagine if you’re waiting for the immature rice when you’re hungry. Though still a long ripening rice, now roughly what would you feel? you will feel uncomfortable is not it? nah, that’s a reflection of what is in the minds of your visitors if the service process of time, they will feel uncomfortable as well and it is possible they will give up buying your food just because of the slow service. Avoid slow customer service.

15. Cooperation with other parties. You can create a business strategy to leave him food with others, such as the cafeteria, or where is up to you. The wider your network, the more extensive is also the possibility of your success.

16. Patience, resignation, always pray to almighty God to always be smooth in a food business that you make a commitment. Do not give up when it fails, and Always seek help from the Creator so that your business success.